Services Summaries

According to the 2022 Multnomah County Point-In-Time Count, 5,228 people are experiencing homelessness in this county.

Since 2019, overall homelessness has increased by 30% and those living completely unsheltered (outside in tents, cars, or on the margins) have doubled; and we know these numbers are low due to the logistics of the count itself.

PDX Houseless

The communities we serve are even more vulnerable to homelessness, especially as a result of gender-based violence. 69.8% of transgender people, 66.7% of gender non-conforming, and 59% of women experiencing homelessness also had a history of domestic violence. 43% of those reporting a history of domestic violence were also currently unsheltered. On top of that finding affordable housing is nearly impossible. In Portland alone rent has increased by 40% in the last year according to redfin.

We have seen the impact of this; serving a significant increase in women and children over the past 6 years. Services summaries below reflect this progression each year, and the support provided by the community to meet the increasing need.