Rose Haven’s Backpack Donation Program

Rose Haven provides donated backpacks to homeless and at-risk women, kids and non-conforming folks experiencing trauma, poverty, and physical and mental health challenges.

For most who are fortunate enough to not be living on the streets or in temporary homes, a backpack is simply something you use to haul your notebook around, or to shoulder your daily stuff from here to there.

But, for the rising tide of homeless women and youth in Portland and other major cities in America, backpacks are a vital necessity.

If you have camped-out or traveled, you know how much you depend on that one bag. For some of our Rose Haven guests, that pack represents more than just a carrier for their clothes and survival essentials. A dependable backpack is the one thing that they still have that is completely theirs. It’s not an accessory, but a lifeline.

Our need for new (and gently used) daypacks, notebook packs and other similar backpacks, as well as wheeled luggage, is ongoing. From small packs that fit properly on the backs of our elementary school-age children, to large storage packs and wheeled carriers that an adult can depend on for their possessions—their survival gear—as they navigate through their current living situation.

In addition to donated backpacks, we need school supplies, clothing and other essentials.Please visit Donate Supplies for more information.

We are currently in greater need of adult-size backpacks and wheeled luggage than children-size gear: well constructed and gently used. This would include:

  • Backpacks (large and medium size)
  • Travel packs (those with more organized compartments)
  • Wheeled luggage (carry-on size, larger sizes, and wheeled backpacks)
  • Day-packs (various sizes. Notebook-friendly is also appreciated)
  • Duffel bags (with shoulder straps or wheeled is useful)

Please note that we cannot use broken and/or damaged items, e.g.: torn or with broken zippers, wheels or latches.

If you have any questions at all regarding our backpack needs and limitations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rose Haven
1740 Northwest Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97209

Due to our limited storage, please call (503) 248-6364 x0309 or email to let us know what you are planning to send us, how many, and when to expect it. Thank you!

Due to limited onsite storage, we are unable to accept large quantities of donations without an appointment.

Please call (503) 248-6364 x303 or email to arrange a time and if you have questions.

Thank you!

Sponsor a Backpack

If you feel that supporting Rose Haven’s backpack donation program is a great idea, but you are not sure of what type of pack to provide, you can have us choose for you.

With your (tax-deductible, cash) donation, we will acquire the right backpack needed and get it out to who needs it most.

Give a Financial Gift

Questions about backpack donations?

If you have any questions regarding donations to Rose Haven, please call (503) 248-6364 x 0307 or email Thank you!