Hospitality Services

Rose Haven’s hospitality is for many, the closest thing they have to a home. Here women can eat, rest, and socialize in a respectful and safe environment. We provide healthy meals during hospitality hours, and guests can interact with others in a safe and welcoming community setting while enjoying companionship rarely experienced when living on the street.

We serve an array of healthy meals during hospitality hours. Our primary meal program partners include Elephant’s Deli, Reverend’s BBQ, New Seasons Slabtown, Commissary Cafe, and Farm to Fit.

Rose Haven is both a day shelter and community center with multiple services for women and children; however community is the critical underpinning of what we do. We find community where we can, and since the onset of the pandemic our hospitality has commenced on the sidewalk. We look forward to returning to indoor community in our new home!

Each guest comes to Rose Haven for different reasons. However if you ask the women why they return, they will tell you it is because Rose Haven is a safe, respectful place to get assistance, heal, and set down their concerns as well as their belongings.