Strategic Plan 2023-2024

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice Statement

From the beginning, Rose Haven’s mission, vision, and values have rooted themselves around creating a welcoming space for equity to triumph against adversity. Years later, we find DEI at the center of our thinking, principles, policies, evolution, and culture. We commit to using our Equity & Inclusion Lens to consider race, gender, ability, and their intersection in all aspects of our work. Rose Haven seeks to develop at pace with the changing environment our community lives in. As we encounter new challenges, we will remain centered in equity, accessibility, safety and belonging.

Strategic Plan 2023-2024

1. Evolve Guest Services

Grow proven programs and expand service offerings with community partners to meet our guests’ self-defined needs.

• Develop new onsite programs to bridge the gap in mental health services
• Expand existing, proven programs with increased onsite resources and additional service hours
• Expand and nurture strategic partnership opportunities with outside agencies to support additional guest needs related to housing, domestic violence, legal, recovery, mental health, employment, immigration, disability, and family services
• Meet the needs of our diverse guest population by reducing language barriers for non-English speaking guests and increasing agency cultural awareness in all facets of services

2. Optimize Operations

Enhance facilities, improve systems, and diversify operational make-up to provide quality, equitable support to the most guests.

• Evolve current facility to ensure it provides best trauma-informed function and accessibility for all guests and their belongings
• Develop scalable volunteer management system and implement new processes to manage, train, and fully utilize the power of our volunteer base
• Develop a sustainability program to reduce operational waste
• Diversify volunteer, intern, staff, and Board of Directors base to more closely reflect guest population and life experiences

3. Sustain Funding for Growth

Ensure financial stability of the agency through donor engagement, partnerships, and long-term funding strategies.

• Form Strategy Development Committee to assess and recommend new funding streams to ensure sustained financial stability
• Create and sustain exceptional donor stewardship practices to cultivate, educate, and empower donors
• Foster ‘community-centric’ fundraising grounded in equity and social justice that prioritizes community collaboration and encourages mutual support among nonprofits
• Formalize and promote gift acceptance policies and programs

4. Prioritize Employee Wellness

Recruit, retain, and support our valuable team by promoting employee health, safety and enabling sustainable service models.

• Invest in employees by providing exceptional onboarding, continuing education, thoughtful professional development
• Refine organizational structure to create more sustainable service and staffing models
• Create HR Committee and determine the agency’s long-term compensation goals that provide competitive wages and benefits that align with the challenging and important work of our employees
• Promote and support onsite and offsite employee self-care

5. Amplify Voice

Promote the needs and challenges of our guests through data-driven insights and shared stories.

• Regularly seek guest feedback and insights into priorities, needs and barriers
• Develop agency success metrics to measure the Rose Haven value proposition in the community
• Develop branding/marketing assets to inform and empower key stakeholders to clearly articulate Rose Haven’s value
• Understand gender identity, gender fluidity, and how it relates to who we serve and educate our community

Our Values

Rose Haven welcomes each person by embodying respect, openness, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach to our work.

All members of our community commit to valuing one another through respect and forgiveness, and we offer a process for guests to learn and redirect behaviors towards reconciliation with themselves and others.

As a community-based organization that includes guests, agency partners, volunteers, staff, donors, and stakeholders, Rose Haven recognizes that our collaborative efforts are essential to fulfill our mission.

Individual Worth
The life and varied experiences of every person is deeply valued and supported. We work towards ensuring the guests of Rose Haven feel recognized with a sense of dignity, belonging, and acceptance that values their individual choice.

Zeal (Love in Action)
Rose Haven embodies this energy through a holistic, person-centered, trauma-informed lens. We strive to provide support focused on guests’ strengths, avoid retraumatization, and promote safety, healing and empowerment.

Our Mission

To provide day shelter, resources, emotional support, and community connections to women, children, and marginalized genders experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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