Strategic Plan

Over the course of 2020 board, staff, and community members took on the important task of looking to our future. We are preparing for increased demand and enhanced services to help our guests reach their full potential during and after the pandemic, in a community overcome by the challenge of homelessness. They identified the following priorities for the next 5 years.

Strategic Priorities 2021 to 2024

SPACE: Secure space that advances our ability to meet our mission

  • Secure new building to better serve our current guests and provide additional capacity to serve more people need

  • Design new space focused on equity, accessibility, and safety for staff, guests and volunteers

  • Secure in-kind partnerships in support of facility design, construction, furnishing and maintenance of new space

PROGRAMS: Build meaningful, inclusive, sustainable and consistent programs

  • Build and maintain consistent health and wellness programming

  • Strengthen and build advocacy department services

  • Build and maintain guest education, connection and empowerment opportunities

  • Expand and maintain clothing and emergency supplies

  • Establish consistent and reliable nutrition and food programming

HUMAN RESOURCES: Ensure our human resources model promotes a positive and sustainable employee, volunteer and board experience

  • Create a work culture that attracts the best talent and improves employee experience

  • Increase volunteer participation and provide exceptional volunteer experience at all touch points

  • Develop a board of directors with diverse life experiences and perspectives, who are innovative, open to growth and wholeheartedly committed to the governance of the agency

DE+I: Build diversity, equity and inclusion best practices into all aspects of our work

  • Build and foster an inclusive agency that attracts the best talent, mutually beneficial relationships, values diversity of life experiences and perspectives, and encourages innovation.

  • Build and maintain equity and inclusion in all facets of guest programming

  • Establish inclusive and equitable policies, procedures and practices

  • Foster a learning environment throughout all levels of the agency to create a community of openness, growth and continual learning around DE+I and its intersection with Rose Haven

FUNDING: Raise sufficient funds to execute on our strategic priorities

  • Ensure financial stability for annual operations and continued agency growth

  • Secure human resources to support fundraising efforts and provide superior donor communication

  • Identify and secure tools needed to streamline development efforts, improve donor experience and increase agency visibility