Frequently Asked Questions

Rose Haven is located at 627 NW 18th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209, which is at the corner of  NW 18th and Irving Street.  We are in the basement of the First Immanuel Lutheran church, so we can be hard to see from the street. Look for the wheelchair ramp and you will see our door.

By bus, take line 77 to 19th Avenue. By street car, take the NS line to 18th Avenue. By MAX get off at Providence Park stop and walk down 18th to Irving Street.

Rose Haven is open from 8:30 am – 4 pm Monday-Friday, with the exception of Wednesdays when we close at 3:00 for staff meeting and to prepare for the NCNM Community Clinic. We are closed from 12-1 pm for staff and volunteers to debrief and take lunch.

Just yourself.  Rose Haven has an open door policy, meaning that we accept any woman in any state that needs our help.  We require no identification to access our services, and you need only tell us what you are comfortable with. Resources are available if you’d like us to help you secure a new ID.

No.  All of Rose Haven’s services are first come, first serve.  On your first visit, you will have a short intake and speak with one of our advocates. The intake process allows you the opportunity to make any specific needs you have known, and tell your story if you choose.  You are not required to share any information you are not comfortable giving. After an intake is completed, you can take advantage of all the services that Rose Haven has to offer.

Not at this time.

Rose Haven has limited funds available for emergency assistance, such as ID replacement, rental and utility assistance, medical expenses, transportation and more. All requests for funding must be approved by an advocate, and are decided on a case by case basis.  If funding is not available or is beyond what we can help with an Advocate will work with you to find other resources.

Rose Haven is a day center, and does not have overnight shelter space. We have advocates that can help you find housing, assist you navigating the social service system, get on waiting lists, etc.

Rose Haven always has a wide variety of food served during hospitality hours. You are welcome to eat as much as you like while you are here, however we do not provide food to go. Advocates can help you explore food bank options if you need information for food boxes.

Yes. Once every 30 days you are eligible to shop for you and up to 2 children.  That means 3 complete outfits (per person or child), a hygiene kit, a pair of shoes and an accessory. However, we do offer emergency shopping visits for those in need between official shopping days, and hygiene kits are available as needed.

Yes, you can shop for 2 of your own children at a time, once every 30 days. More info here.

Sorry, no. You can only shop for yourself or your own children. You cannot shop for grandchildren or friends.

Yes.  We supply diapers on a weekly basis if we have the size you need.

Yes.  You have to set up a mailbox through us.  An advocate will walk you through the process. More info here.

Yes.  Your advocate can set up a voicemail account for you.

Bus tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis, limited to 4 per day.