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Youth Outreach Board

What is the Youth Outreach Board?

We are a compilation of dedicated members in the community, moved to positive action for the women and children of Rose Haven, and in a larger sense, those of the Portland metropolitan area. As high school activists, our primary goals are awareness, in-kind donations and financial giving.

Our Mission:

By being intentional catalysts for change, we hope to spread awareness and inspire action by unifying our community for the benefit of the women and children challenged by homelessness and abuse.

Our Goals for 2018:

  • WINTER | In-kind donation drives: Each school will select one of two determined donation drives to run from November – December with donations going to the Kids’ Party or Ladies’ Tea
  • WINTER | Board members will sign up to volunteer sorting of holiday gifts for our 300 kids (goal of 8-15 volunteers)*
  • WINTER | Write 400 individual “Inspiration + Love Letters,” for guests visiting Rose Haven during the holiday season
  • FINANCIAL | Fundraise $7,000 total, including: $4,400 from the Reigning Roses Walk and funds awarded from 3-5 written grants
  • VOLUNTEER | 8-10 volunteers per school for the Reigning Roses Walk
  • BEYOND | Determine special interest drives, recycling opportunities, special holiday fundraising opportunities (i.e. Valentine’s Day)
  • BEYOND | Continue to increase Awareness and volunteer opportunities through service fairs, targeted campaigns, service clubs, etc.

Past + Present Communities:

To Meet the Current Youth Outreach Board

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Central Catholic High School || Jesuit High School || Lincoln High School || Oregon Episcopal School || Riverdale High School || Sunset High School || St. Mary’s Academy || Wilson High School
Don’t see your school but interested in joining us? Please contact YouthBoard@RoseHaven.org.

What Can I Do to Help?

Volunteer With Us

Want to volunteer through your school? Click on the “Meet the Youth Outreach Board” button above to email your representative and discover what opportunities are available!