• Youth Outreach Board

What is the Youth Outreach Board?

Rose Haven’s Youth Outreach Board (YOB) is comprised of high school activists in the Portland metropolitan area moved to positive action. By being intentional catalysts for change, the YOB spreads awareness and inspires action by unifying our community for the benefit of the women and children of Rose Haven challenged by homelessness and abuse. Their primary goals are awareness, in-kind donations, and financial giving to help improve the lives of those we serve.

Applications will reopen in June 2024 for the 2024-25 Youth Outreach Board.

Fill out this interest form for the 2024 – 2025 YOB – Interest Form

2023-24 School Year Members

Emma portrait


Central Catholic

After interviewing Rose Haven as member of a grant committee I knew I wanted to get more involved. I joined the Youth Outreach Board to connect with under-represented demographics in my community. Rose Haven’s commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for those in need is what drew me to their organization.

Freya portrait


Franklin High School

I am excited to be on the Youth Outreach Board because I know how important and impactful the work that Rose Haven does is. We are all as a community impacted by poverty and houselessness, and I want to be a part of the solution. I am excited to collaborate and engage with other teens on such an important issue.

Ally portrait


Grant High School

I joined the YOB because I love the work Rose Haven does, and I wanted to be part of this beautiful supportive community.

Grace C portrait


Ida B. Wells High School

Rose Haven is a unique and powerful organization that is so valuable to our community. I joined the outreach board because I love being involved in such a great community and mission.

Vedika portrait


Ida B. Wells High School

I heard about Rose Haven from a friend of a friend and I was convinced to join the community. I love their mission, the atmosphere and everyone I’ve met, all such kind people. I volunteered this last summer and when I learned there’s a youth opportunity to volunteer, learn new skills and make new friends, I signed up. It’s wonderful, with the privilege I’ve been given, to give back to the community and to help out where I can.


Alena portrait


International School of Beaverton

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I am passionate about serving my community, and addressing the pressing issue of homelessness within Portland is important to me. Rose Haven’s work in providing a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable communities inspired me, and I hope to encourage a collective commitment to positive change within our community alongside other youth!

Annie Duan profile


Jesuit High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board to get more involved with my community and to encourage others to reach out and help in the de-stigmatization of those who are houseless and/or in difficult situations.

Lucy portrait


Jesuit High School

I joined the Youth Outreach board because I saw all of the good Rose Haven has been doing in our community, and I wanted to be a part of it. I was also interested in helping others while collaborating in a fun environment!

Sofia Lilah Petteni profile

Sofia Lilah

Jesuit High School

I joined the youth outreach board as a way to serve and deepen my connection with my community. Additionally, Rose Haven is such an inspiring and significant place that along with other passionate teens, I hope to spread awareness of its impact and of the stories of those experiencing houselessness.

Kayla Chan profile


Jesuit High School

After volunteering at Rose Haven for a school project, I was able to see the profound impact of how Rose Haven’s support was able to help individuals in difficult situations. As a result, I joined the Youth Outreach Board to support my community in a more hands-on and direct way. Whilst also working alongside other teenagers to help destigmatize the harmful stereotypes surrounding houseless individuals to create a positive change within Portland.

Maansi Singh profile


Jesuit High School

The opportunity to work with vulnerable communities in the Portland area sparked my interest in joining Rose Haven’s YOB. I hope to encourage others to set aside preconceptions about people facing difficult circumstances and spark a desire for positive change in our local community.

Carissa Gerung profile


Jesuit High School

After learning about Rose Haven’s mission, I was inspired to be involved with such a motivated organization. Joining the Youth Board is one way for me to be able to support my community and advocate for what I believe in.

Luella portrait


Lincoln High School

I joined the Rose Haven youth outreach board to be a part of a local organization that works specifically to support women. Community is so important to me, and I am so excited to be a part of Rose Haven and help organize and fundraise.

Kendall Davis profile


Lincoln High School

I was inspired to join the Youth Outreach Board because Rose Haven is an amazing organization that helps make a notable difference in the homelessness crisis in Portland. I wanted to help do my part for the community, while also being able to meet other teens, learn, and challenge myself!

not pictured


Lincoln High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I really admire how Rose Haven provides a safe and supportive space for more vulnerable groups of people who may be struggling with poverty or houselessness in Portland. I want to contribute to supporting this cause in any way I can, and collaborate with other teens through this board to help maintain this positive environment Rose Haven provides.

Ava portrait


Oregon Episcopal School

I joined the Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board because homelessness is one of Portland’s most pressing issues. Rose Haven is a great opportunity to help make truly impactful change for homeless women, children, and non-binary folks, and to learn more about the people in Portland’s community.

Emily Hendrickson profile


Oregon Episcopal School

I joined the Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board because I wanted to contribute more to our Portland community and get involved with the predominant issue of homelessness within our community. Rose Haven was the perfect opportunity to do so, since it is an amazing organization that holds great views and goals that help support those experiencing homelessness.

JoJo Kobos profile


Oregon Episcopal School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because houselessness is such a severe issue in Portland. Rose Haven is an amazing organization, and I was inspired by the efforts of its leaders to try to bring impactful change to those in our community who are struggling.

Lily portrait


Riverdale High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I wanted to get more involved in the community, and Rose Haven provides such amazing support and creates a really great environment for women experiencing houselessness. As well, I love working with people who really care about making change in our community.

Estela portrait


Sandy High School

I joined the Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board because I am passionate about improving the lives of women and children. I am so grateful for and inspired by the services that Rose Haven provides to our community and I feel so lucky to contribute however I can!

Ava portrait


Sandy High School

I admire the role that Rose Haven plays as a safe place for women and children in my community. I am honored to be a part of the positive change I see happening all around because of Rose Haven by being on the youth outreach board.

Fia portrait


Southridge High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board to give back to the place that raised me. I hope to create solutions and opportunities that enable the women in my community to thrive. It’s an honor and joy to be a part of a group of empowering young women who are ready to make a positive change!

Autri Das profile


Sunset High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I think it’s really important to help others in the community whenever you’re in a position to do so. I thought joining the Youth Outreach Board would be a great opportunity and platform for me to get to know members of my community, and help them in the process. I also loved the idea of learning how to be a more helpful leader and advocate for those who need it in Portland.

Sean portrait


Mt. Hood Community College

Living in Northwest Portland I see folks experiencing homelessness everywhere. It’s a hard thing to ignore. Like many community members, I am both disheartened and frustrated with the city’s outright inaction when it comes to addressing this very severe issue. I want to see existing unhoused folks transition into stable housing as well as have stop gaps put into place to prevent further people from falling into crisis. Rose Haven is implementing this vision in real time. After hearing about the vital work that Rose Haven does, I just knew I had to get involved. I joined the YOB because I want to be a part of that implementation and am unwilling to watch my community struggle as the city continues to do nothing.

Goals for 2023-24 School Year:

Through service and relationship-building, Youth Outreach Board Members will learn more about social justice and work together towards a shared goal of improving our community.


Participate in direct service, including:

  • volunteering with Rose Haven guests during regular hospitality hours or at special events, and
  • other street outreach

Support Rose Haven’s mission by:

  • organizing supply drives, sorting donations, preparing gifts for guests, and
  • learning fundraising skills, including grant writing & crowd funding, to increase awareness and resources

Make connections with YOB members, as well as Rose Haven staff, volunteers, guests, and the board of directors.

The Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board is committed to ensuring that our work is done with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens.