Rose Haven

What is the Youth Outreach Board?

Rose Haven’s Youth Outreach Board (YOB) is comprised of high school activists in the Portland metropolitan area moved to positive action. By being intentional catalysts for change, the YOB spreads awareness and inspires action by unifying our community for the benefit of the women and children of Rose Haven challenged by homelessness and abuse. Their primary goals are awareness, in-kind donations, and financial giving to help improve the lives of those we serve.

2020/2021 School Year Members:

Chloe Knott portrait

Chloe Knott

Grant High School

I joined the Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board because I believe that students standing together can create real change by empowering women, children, and non-binary folks within our communities.

MJ Sasse portrait

MJ Sasse

Grant High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because houselessness is such a prevalent issue in our city today and I want to aid in taking steps towards destigmatization–instead encouraging understanding and empathy. Rose Haven provides the perfect opportunity for youth to get involved in giving back to their communities!

Jenny Duan portrait

Jenny Duan

Jesuit High School

I joined the Youth Board as a way to reach out to the community and help those less fortunate around us. I want to reduce the stigma and preconceptions behind people facing difficult circumstances and find a way to change the way people view these situations.

Lucy Keane portrait

Lucy Keane

Jesuit High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because working alongside people who are often marginalized within Portland empowers me to be a more compassionate and active member of our community.

Josephine Koepping portrait

Josephine Koepping

Lake Oswego High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board to become more involved in my community and contribute to Rose Haven’s mission of care for women, non-gender conforming folks and children. The work of the shelter is so impactful in people’s lives and it’s been such an amazing experience getting to have been a part of that process.

Cate Bikales portrait

Cate Bikales

Lincoln High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because it gives me a chance to learn and grow while simultaneously helping people receive the care that they deserve. Rose Haven creates a safe space for all women, and I appreciate the willingness the shelter has to give back to the community.

Sofia Braun portrait

Sophia Braun

Lincoln High School

I’m on the Youth Outreach Board because I think it’s important to address the homelessness issue in Portland and provide women and children in hardship with help and compassion. I love having the opportunity to help out in my community and encourage my peers to do something for the greater good. Here at Rose Haven we are all passionate about improving the lives of people in need and actively giving back to our community.

Roxanne Buehler portrait

Roxanne Buehler

Lincoln High School

After attending the Rose Haven Mother’s Day event I was inspired to get more involved with this incredible organization to continue providing a stable and loving community for women in Portland. By joining the Youth Outreach Board I hope to help organize events and raise money for a more promising future for Rose Haven.

Kareena Morrissey portrait

Kareena Morrissey

Lincoln High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because Rose Haven is a great organization addressing the issue of houselessness while giving support to those in need. It gives me the opportunity to help create an impact on the community around me.

Gretta Thompson portrait

Gretta Thompson

Lincoln High School

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I was inspired by my dad. He works with the homeless community everyday in his job at a local hospital.

Kate Bradley portrait

Kate Bradley

Oregon Episcopal School

I joined the Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board because it’s an amazing opportunity to work with other teens to get involved with the predominant issue of homelessness in our Portland community.

Noopur Barve portrait

Noopur Barve

St. Mary’s Academy

I joined the Youth Outreach Board because I wanted to help create a safe space for houseless women and children. I am so fortunate to have a platform such as Rose Haven that allows me to give back to my community.

Abby Graham portrait

Abby Graham

St. Mary’s Academy

I decided to join the Youth Outreach Board there are so many people in less fortunate situations. By being a member on the board, I am able to help create change in their lives and be an active member in my community.

Anna Hester portrait

Anna Hester

St. Mary’s Academy

I joined the Youth Outreach Board to reduce stigma and raise awareness on the circumstances that many Portlanders are living in. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer at such a special place, and I am very excited for this year with Rose Haven!

Jane Murphy portrait

Jane Murphy

St. Mary’s Academy

Being a young woman who was raised by strong women has given me the tools I need to accomplish anything I put my mind to. So many women in our community experience obstacles and stereotypes preventing them from succeeding in life. I am apart of the Youth Outreach Board because I want to be part of the solution and movement for representation and resources for women and children experiencing houselessness.

Gillian LaBelle portrait

Gillian LaBelle

Sunset High School

I think it’s very important, especially for today’s youth, to focus on and give to those who aren’t as fortunate as us, rather than just focus on ourselves. I also think that this Youth Outreach Board is a good way to support our community through providing a safe space for women and children who are out on the streets or don’t feel safe in their own houses.

Presley Rehling portrait

Presley Rehling

Sunset High School

I am a part of Rose Haven because I love getting to take care of our community through such an amazing, women-run organization.

Arushi Agarwal portrait

Arushi Agarwal

Westview High School

Rose Haven makes a beautiful space for women and children and gives them the basic needs that every person deserves. I believe that to bring change, we must bring people together – through the love and support of each other and Rose Haven does just that.

Snigdha Thatikonda portrait

Snigdha Thatikonda

Westview High School

Rose Haven was the first women’s shelter I ever heard of, which is shocking to think about because Oregon’s homeless population is the second largest in the country. To be involved with an organization as active in my community as Rose Haven, working to help real people as a teenager, is a dream come true.

Lauren Wilkins portrait

Lauren Wilkins

Rose Haven Board Liaison

Rose Haven is a regular source of inspiration and resilience for me and I am fortunate and humbled to be part of the YOB. I joined to become an extension of Rose Haven, as a catalyst for positive change, support and love for the lives I encounter.

Goals for 2020/2021 School Year:

Promote awareness about root causes of homelessness, Rose Haven services and opportunities to support our guests using social media platforms.
Increase social media presence on Instagram for Rose Haven (from 3,900 to 5,000 followers) and Youth Outreach Board (from 85 to 350 followers).

Support Rose Haven guests by securing $10,000 of donations through grassroots fundraising efforts, special events and grant writing.
Write and submit 7 grant applications to support Rose Haven programs and projects. 

In-kind Donations
Hold donation drives and pick-ups with neighborhoods, schools and businesses throughout the year for needed supplies (hygiene, outdoor supplies, etc.).
Keep Rose Haven shop supplied with desirable, good teen wear on an ongoing basis.

Volunteer and Event Support
Provide monthly volunteer engagement by each board member through take-home projects, onsite volunteering or special activities.
Support Rose Haven guest activities, including the coat giveaway, holiday gift distribution days and other special events as appropriate.
Write 500 “love letters”, hand written and inserted in kid’s holiday gift bags.
Provided volunteers for fundraising events either in person, offsite or online, including Branching Out and Reigning Roses Walk.

The Rose Haven Youth Outreach Board is committed to ensuring that our work is done with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens. 

What Can I Do to Help?

Want to volunteer through your school?