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Annual Report 2022

It’s impossible to capture the entirety of our guests’ experiences and how Rose Haven services have impacted them, but to give you some insight into the work, here’s our 2022 Annual Report!

Portland to Offer Housing for Frontline Social Workers

The Atomic Orchard Experiment aims to honor what people do as workers and as Portlanders Balancing work they are passionate about with being able to pay rent is a challenge for many people engaged in helping on the front lines of the homelessness crisis. A creative solution for some of these workers is on the […]

Miss Delta’s “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook”

Miss Delta’s “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook” is available to purchase, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Rose Haven. Marcus Oliver, owner of Miss Delta on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland, struggled during Covid-19, prompting them to create “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook,” which was designed to create different recipes related to […]

Home for the Haven

“Home for the Haven” is a $3 million campaign centered around our new facility, enabling Rose Haven to build its dream home, bring guests back indoors, reestablish programs, and increase capacity to welcome and serve more community members.