Donate Your Stimulus Check to Rose Haven

If you find that the $600 stimulus check isn’t needed, maybe turn it over to someone who really does.

Guest receiving services

Pay it Forward with your stimulus check.

If you have not been impacted financially by COVID-19, please consider donating your stimulus check to Rose Haven. We had a guest who donated $100 as soon as she got her check this week! When we tried to give it back to her she said “ you have done so much for me, please let me do this.”

In December, Congress passed the new $900 billion Covid-19 relief package, which is resulting in stimulus payments of $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples. Although this payout is salvation for many struggling Americans who have lost their earning power, it is not so important to many other American’s who have not been fully impacted by the pandemic affected economy. Moreover, the stimulus check may not even reach many of those who need it most.

Rose Haven would like to put your $600 stimulus to very good use. 

We are on the frontline of homelessness in Portland. Simply put, we need as much financial support as we can get. Our programs and services help alleviate the impact many Portland women and children are now facing.

Help us, please. Invest your stimulus check with Rose Haven.

Why I’m Pledging my “Stimulus” Check to Rose Haven

(From a recent letter by a Rose Haven supporter.)

Rose Haven is on my short-list of vital charities. The staff and volunteers work endlessly to help abused, homeless and at-risk women and kids with a variety of essential services. But you know that already.

When I saw today’s news that the President (Trump) finally signed the $900 billion relief package, I was first pleased and then fully disgusted. At the expense of the staggering growing number of unemployed, what could have been a useful and much-needed additional assistance to them, instead degenerated to a $600 offering to most every American who is not already doing very well economically. We have been in a pandemic for a year now. One would have expected far more out of our national leaders. It breaks my heart. (But, that is my personal opinion.)

Like most Americans I should receive the so-called “stimulus” money sometime in January. I believe that for most people the $600 amount will be appreciated, will allow them to buy food and some other immediate necessities. But not much else. For them it is not a stimulus as it is a little something for now—to keep one’s head above water. Like a tiny life preserver in the middle of the sea.

For me, the $600 amount will be, ironically, a stimulus. Since I am currently living in an affordable place and have some savings, I am not yet in financial dire straits. Therefore, I am very much stimulated to donate that amount to an organization that will invest it into something life-sustaining. Since I am not unemployed, I did not count on receiving anything in the first place. I feel that I can live without it. And considering the economic realities and limits of our city, state, and federal government, I would rather it go to where it is truly needed.

Recently, I saw a posting on Rose Haven’s website about a building campaign. The organization has been operating in a church basement since its inception. They have, without question, outgrown that space. And with the economic uncertainties to come (which is an understatement), Rose Haven will need a much larger facility, more staff, and more generous supporters. Although I may not be able to give another donation of this size again, I will gladly do so now. I think it is a wise investment, as well as my personal protest to the inadequacies of this government spending plan that we the taxpayers are paying for.

Best wishes to all of you front-line staffers at Rose Haven,