IF NOTES: Greetings Cards for Rose Haven

If Notes Greeting Cards

Fresh, authentic greeting cards written by real humans.

IF NOTES is offering two cards designed by artist Sherry Hastings and Sarah. Every sale of their cards donates $1.00 to Rose Haven.

IF NOTES take a new approach to greeting cards, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the human experience instead of copywriters drafting punchlines. All cards are crowdsourced from those who have lived experiences they are willing to share, benefiting a non-profit of their choice. Recipients feel a little less alone, and we all feel more connected to each other and the beauty of the human experience.

Card authors nominate a nonprofit to receive a percentage of sales from that card. Each card shares the contributor’s story, along with information about the non-profit it supports, spreading awareness and helping people connect with impactful organizations.

Sherry Hastings Parrot Tulip Card

Artist Sherry Hastings contributed this oil painting artwork for a card to benefit Rose Haven day shelter and community center. Sherry uses Floriology (the language of flowers) in her portraits. Her paintings are celebrations of the struggles and every day triumphs of women’s lives.


Sarah’s I Still Need You Card

This card’s message was contributed by Sarah who struggled with social anxiety and depression after COVID.  

Sherry Hastings Card

Sarah Card