City Council to hear Portland mayor’s proposed ban on daytime camps, tents on sidewalks

Katie O'Brien, Executive Director

KATU Staff Writer wrote about the daytime camping ban on public property across the city starting on July 1st. Mayor Ted Wheeler’s proposed plan would prohibit all camping between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. It would also ban camping in places like parks, sidewalks, and near schools and day cares at all times.

Those who serve people experiencing homelessness say this plan will come with challenges for them.

The big question is if daytime public camping is banned, where will everyone go? Executive Director of Rose Haven, O’Brien asked the mayor’s office that question on Tuesday when she met with one of the mayor’s policy advisers.

“I asked for them to define specific areas where people could go because there’s no clarity around that,” O’Brien told KATU News.

O’Brien also asked the mayor’s office for open communication and funding as daytime shelters could be taking a lot more people in.
“My initial thoughts were that it seemed really unrealistic if people are sleeping outside and expected in the morning to pack their things up and carry them around with them all day,” said Rose Haven Executive Director Katie O’Brien.

O’Brien says it’s frustrating that Rose Haven only learned about this plan last week, and they haven’t had time to prepare.

“And never had anybody come to us and asked us if this is feasible and how this would impact us or how they can help,” she said.

“I think there’s just been little regard for people who are bearing the weight, agencies like ours who are bearing the weight of decisions like this,” O’Brien said.

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