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Scout cookies


Scout cookies

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A local Girl Scout Troop has selected Rose Haven as their organization of choice to support with donated cookies and funds from their cookie booth sales. At booths that our troop does, anyone that wants to buy cookies and donate them will be put into a box for Rose Haven and we will deliver the cookies to you. The girls troop number is 12808, and you can purchase cookies to support Rose Haven by emailing the troop mom janeclark4022@gmail.com!

For the Girl Scout’s bronze award, they chose to take on a project to raise awareness and funds to support services available to people in need of financial support who have pets. Troop 12808 has planned to donate fundraising efforts to support families with animals that are financially struggling. Their fundraising efforts would support organizations like Rose Haven that provide free animal food, low-cost or free vet care, shelter services, etc. The troops have already completed a tour of the New Home for the Haven to learn more about how we support our guests with animals.

Through their money management, entrepreneurial and communication skills, the girls in Troop 12808 learn how to dream big, set goals, and bring those goals into reality. It is their vision that everyone can financially provide and support the needs and care their animals deserve.