Emergency Supplies

Supplies Services

Regular and reliable access to essential supplies for daily living has been more crucial now than ever before.  Recognizing the dire need for these supplies, including outdoor survival gear, Rose Haven has increased its focus on those most vulnerable and marginalized.

Guests are able to access emergency supplies upon request at Rose Haven’s front entrance on the sidewalk through a staff or volunteer member.

Supplies that are prioritized at this time include emergency clothing, daily bus tickets, hygiene kits, menstrual products, diapers (for all ages) and wipes, pet food, coats, backpacks, and outdoor gear such as tarps, tents and sleeping bags, as available.

All requests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are dependent on the amount of supplies available.  Guests can also check mail and charge cell phones and devices onsite by asking a staff or volunteer.  Supplies are available only to registered Rose Haven guests.

How do I access these supplies?

Monday-Friday, starting 9am, staff and volunteers will go outside to the front sidewalk to meet with guests individually and ask what they need for the day. Guests line up outside, socially distanced and wearing face masks, until it is their turn to requests items. Staff and volunteers will ask each guest which items they are looking for, and then will inside to gather the supplies. Staff and volunteers will then bring the items back outside ready to go in a bag, to the guest waiting outside. We are not able to provide multiple outfits at this time, and we cannot do multiple exchanges. Please note that guests are only permitted to go through the supply request line once per day.

Some items are available each day; others are given out on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Supplies frequency.

Daily items: Emergency Outfits, hygiene kits, first aid items, bus tickets.  Emergency outfits can include 1 outfit (pants, top, socks, underwear, bra).

Weekly items: Blankets, Pajamas, Shoes, Family Hygiene, Towels, Diapers, Jewelry, Household items.

For those staying outside, weekly items also include: Tent, Sleeping Bag, Tarp.

Monthly Items: Backpacks/suitcases, Coats, Umbrellas

If you have a cell phone or device you would like to charge, a staff member or volunteer will bring your devices inside to charge, and label it with your name, and return it to you when you ask for it back during service hours.