Miss Delta’s Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook

  • When

    Every day until the end of the year.

  • Where

    Miss Delta Restaurant and Bar
    3950 N Mississippi Ave
    Portland OR 97227

  • Cost


Miss Deltas coloring cookbook

About the Offer

Marcus Oliver, owner of Miss Delta on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland, struggled during Covid-19, prompting them to create “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook,” which was designed to create different recipes related to their own family restaurant. The recipes in the book were created by Oliver, many of which have special ties to his family and restaurant.

Miss Delta has had a long partnership with Rose Haven as they contributed to feeding our Rose Haven community during our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. What distinguishes the “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook” from other children’s cookbooks. The other distinction is how it benefits the community. A portion of the proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to Rose Haven PDX, a women’s and children’s day shelter