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Sun Joo Kim, the design manager for Gensler Portland

Sun Joo Kim, the design manager for Gensler Portland, said the biggest driver behind the new design was the people who it will serve.

OPB Think Out Loud- Organizations Urge Donors To Be Mindful About Reuse Organizations that take in-kind donations are often in the awkward position of declining items that actually belong in the trash. Thrift stores and community centers want gently used items that they can feel good about passing along to new owners. And while some donors […]

2021 Heatwave

Rose Haven Day Center worked through the heatwave by providing water, tarps, and tents to the homeless, which impacted our Rose Haven guests.

Important Ways to Help Neighbors in Your Community During a Heat Wave

Important Ways to Help Neighbors in Your Community During a Heat Wave For those who have the resources to stay cool, a heat wave is an inconvenience, albeit a serious one. But they present particular issues for marginalized communities — and those problems are only worsening in scope. Even people in their homes are still at […]


Rose Haven’s Back to School Drive brings backpacks, supplies to 400 kids Rose Haven serves people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Portland. Last year, the Oregon Department of Education tallied more than 21,000 homeless students between kindergarten and high school. “This is an annual event for us that we’re just so excited to provide. This […]


Miss Delta’s “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook” is available to purchase, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Rose Haven. Marcus Oliver, owner of Miss Delta on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland, struggled during Covid-19, prompting them to create “Cool and Kooky Kids Coloring Cookbook,” which was designed to create different recipes related to […]

PSU students have created an ongoing student-run blog on the topic of homelessness/houselessness, which also relates to Portland’s current state regarding this population on a local level. Click here to check out their blog which features Rose Haven and other homelessness resources.


Scroll to 8:10 minutes to see the Rose Haven’s segment on KGW featuring the Reigning Roses event with our Development Director Liz Starke and Lu in Lu Land. Rose Haven’s signature Mother’s Day event, the Reigning Roses Walk, brought together our community of dedicated donors, volunteers, and guests to raise funds for our new building. […]


Reigning Rose Walk has been raising money through the event to help women, children, and marginalized genders.   Rose Haven’s goals were discussed in the KATU article “Rose Havens Fundraising Walk Goes Virtual,” which was written by Felisha LeCher. “The main goal is to provide our community with a safe and dignified space to go,” […]


Liz Starke, Development Director at Rose Haven sits down with Keeping Kurrent host Wayne Porter to describe the organization’s many accomplishments in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, severe weather, and wildfires in Oregon. Rose Haven has been in operation in Portland for more than 20 years, offering a variety of services as well as […]