Our Impact


Providing refuge for women and children from 8:30am to 4:00pm, weekdays.

We Serve:

80-110 People Daily
3,586 Annually
21,138 Total Visits in 2018

Who We Serve

75% Women – 25% Children


We believe in the value of each individual and operate with dignity, respect and love for all.

685 Active Volunteers
8 Staff Members
100+ Community Partners

 Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women. 72% of our local homeless population has mental and/or physical disabilities. 88% are native Oregonians.

Rose Haven Impact

Rose Haven is a sanctuary from the street in Portland, offering compassion, practical assistance and community during the daytime hours to women and children facing loss of home, abuse and other disruptive life experiences.

Rose Haven operates in a community that is plagued by homelessness.

Oregon now has the 2nd highest rate of homelessness in the country, 35 people out of every 10,000 in the state have no shelter. Oregon is one of only four states where more than half of the population of homeless were found outside, and about 62% percent of the state’s homeless are living outside, in tents, or cars.

This makes day centers more important than ever, as more people are unable to get into shelter they rely on Rose Haven to meet basic needs and find guidance. We have seen the impact of this;  serving an 86% increase in women and children over the past 6 years.

Rose Haven is a day shelter and community center for women and children experiencing homelessness, abuse and other life disruptions. Our mission is to maintain a safe and respectful community, while providing our guests with support and services to assist them in regaining stability in their lives.

We break the cycle of homelessness by providing nutritious meals, clothing, first aid, mailing addresses, hygiene, restrooms, showers as well as educational programs and guidance through medical and social services.  By meeting basic needs and building trust, we empower people to explore long-term change. Rose Haven’s low-barrier model makes us the first point of contact for many who are seeking social services, and we offer sanctuary where individuals and families in crisis can come to seek supplies and support to regain independence after the trauma of poverty and violence.

Snapshot of Rose Haven’s services from 2019:

3,534 women and children visited Rose Haven 22,677 times for supplies and support

22,712 nutritious meals were served

5,993 one-on-one advocacy appointments held which resulted in housing, medical support, employment and life-saving referrals

5,589 hygiene kits distributed

7,166 individual shopping appointments for clothing and supplies

2,110 shower appointments