Volunteer to Guest- The Story of Sandy Jacobs

sandy.jacobsMeet Sandy Jacobs. Sandy has a Masters in Counseling, and first discovered Rose Haven as a volunteer. She was working at Transitions Projects and living in NW Portland, when one day she went strolling through the neighborhood and saw our sign saying “Love is Always the Appropriate Reaction”. She came in, immediately bonded with Sr. Cathie, and became a regular volunteer.

In 2010, Sandy went to Hungary to teach. Upon her return to Portland, she found herself homeless. Sandy came back to Rose Haven, this time as a guest. She worked with Kirstin, Rose Haven advocate, to find transitional housing and get on waiting lists for a permanent home. She waited nearly two years.

One day she was at Rose Haven and received a call from Home Forward. They told her that she had been approved for housing, but would need to provide a deposit immediately or else she would return to the bottom of the waiting list. Living on a very limited retirement fund, she did not have the required amount and was worried she would lose her chance at a home. Rose Haven provided her the deposit, and Sandy now has her own apartment to call home ever since.

“I have a lot of respect for Kirstin and all of the staff. They really know a lot about all of the resources that are out there, which sadly isn’t true at most agencies”, says Sandy, who still visits Rose Haven regularly. She enjoys the hospitality and the community created by the staff, volunteers and other guests. “Rose Haven makes women feel welcome and special, and is truly unique”.

UPDATE: In 2016 we lost Sandy. We celebrated her life at Rose Haven, and she is greatly missed.