“I never thought I would be in need myself, and am very thankful Rose Haven is there for women in need. I have never seen (or experienced) such a loving, compassionate, empathetic program such as Rose Haven.”

Rose Haven Guest – Peggy

“Your kindness, gentleness, and sweetness go with me each day when I leave Rose Haven to go about the course of the rest of each day after filling my emotions with your ‘peace’ that you offer, not just me, but any woman that enters your open doors, that really are the most tender open arms that have ever offered to embrace me.”

Rose Haven Guest – Callie

 “Some say that Rose Haven is the home that they never had, and they bring friends who previously have been afraid to get involved with agencies of any kind for fear of judgment and lack of understanding.”

Community Partner Agency

 “Thank you for all the countless times you stopped what you were doing to calm my spirit. Thank you for holding my hand through RCIA, jail, the streets, my pain, my beginning success.”

Rose Haven Guest – Jenny

 “With a freezing NE wind blowing temperatures down to a wind-chill factor in the 20s, I heard not one complaint from these women, who have to endure this bone-chilling cold who knows HOW many hours of the day and night…The quiet courage and grace with which they endure and overcome their challenges daily is difficult to describe, but wondrous and inspiring to witness.”

Rose Haven Volunteer – Vicky

“Words alone cannot express the deepness of my thanks and gratitude for your loving compassion and constant faith and support.”

Rose Haven Guest – Julie

“Rose Haven has been a God send. There is no other agency in town that can compare. Thank you for all your help!”

Rose Haven Guest – Chelsea

 “What a wonderful home you have for women on the streets!”

Rose Haven Volunteer Teacher

“Many women have found Rose Haven a safe place to deal with their deep wounds and begin to believe that they have viable options for life-giving choice making. It is with confidence that we refer women and children to the competent staff at Rose Haven, knowing that their stories will be heard and respected and appropriate care and referral will take place.”

Community Partner Agency

“Thank you for your care, creativity, resilience, courage, and risking to do something new. You have warmed and enlivened the heart of our city.”

Community Partner Agency

“I want to thank [Rose Haven’s staff] for the emotional support I have received from them and the practical, sound advice and guidance and encouragement. They have been an important cornerstone of my stability and sanity.”

Rose Haven Guest – Audrey

“They were there when I was starting to fall back down into one of the darkest periods of my life. Which, at that time seemed to come in frequent spurts. And if they had not been so persistent in their pursuit of me during this time that is where I might still be today.”

Rose Haven Guest – Mary

“I realized that I truly have come to genuinely love these women, and I think about their well-being outside of clinical. I have a sense of community and a genuine love for this population. The whole experience has made me want to do nursing in a community setting, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

Volunteer Medical Student

“This is so amazing, I was just sharing the inspiration that you (Rose Haven) planted in my life. I just started one of my last two quarters. I will be finished with my Masters of Social Work in April, yeah! I plan to send out email invites for my hooding ceremony around April. You guys are part of this event. I love to tell others of the tremendous contribution that Rose Haven has made in my life. Thank you for being faithful, it truly made the difference.”

Rose Haven Guest – R.A.

 “Just a note to thank you for thinking of me and helping me put my best foot forward. You always seem to keep track of me when at times I seem lost in the shuffle……I am trying very hard to get my life back. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Although it hasn’t been easy, I am truly blessed. Thank you for this opportunity. I won’t let you down – or myself. “ –

Rose Haven Guest – Claire