Rose Haven Featured in The Oregonian


Rose Haven guest Dee collecting her belongings from Sears night shelter on her way back to Rose Haven for day services.

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Anna Griffin of The Oregonian came to Rose Haven to conduct interviews with some of our guests and staff for her ongoing piece, “Our Homeless Crisis”.

What she found was that women are one of the leading demographics to be displaced, and have the least amount of services.  Women now make up 40 percent of the national homeless count – and experts say that is likely a conservative figure.

“Women are much more likely to try to hide,” said Rebekah Albert, executive director of Rose Haven

To seek information on this issue directly from the women experiencing homelessness, Anna came to Rose Haven, one of the few places where women can go to be safe during the day when night shelters are closed.

“I’m an older lady, and I carry a cane and mace and an umbrella, and I keep my things in a storage locker, so I feel pretty safe. But the younger women, they’re beat up and propositioned all the time.”  Veronica Allen, a homeless 71-year-old who spends days at Rose Haven.

We hope this article will be a call to action for the community, and we will see some solutions to the housing crisis in the near future.

Read the full article here.