Rose Haven closed for renovations until July 12

Progress on Rose Haven’s safety and security construction project continues apace! While most aspects of the project are right on schedule, some elements are requiring additional time. Therefore, Rose Haven will remain closed through Wednesday, July 11. Rose Haven will re-open on Thursday, July 12.

Until reopening, dedicated staff and volunteers will be working to ensure our improved shelter is clean, safe and ready to serve our amazing community of women, children and LGBTQ+ guests. In addition, staff will be providing mail service, hygiene kits, water and other needed items on a limited basis during this time.

Rose Haven is a day shelter located in the Portland area serving women and children experiencing loss of home, abuse and other disruptive life events.  With record numbers of women and children accessing our services in recent years, the private nonprofit organization decided to make improvements in their shelter which will strengthen safety and security of this vulnerable population.

Once the project is completed, Rose Haven’s 3,400  guests, volunteers and staff will be warmly welcomed just inside the shelter’s front door,  inside a brand new reception area.  From there,  people will check in for the day and shelter guests can also receive their mail.  After checking in,  guests will be able to walk to the information and referral desk, situated inside the shelter’s large hospitality room, to sign up for daily activities and classes. The project also includes new rooms for staff, volunteers and interns to meet with guests and an internal communication system with improved security features.