Rose Haven Begins Shower Construction!

 It’s official! Rose Haven will be offering a Shower Program this Fall!

A recent report from Portland State University shows that access to showers remains one of the greatest needs of the homeless living in Portland. Most resort to using public bathroom sinks. Lack of resources or opportunity to take care of basic personal hygiene creates major obstacles for the homeless, both from a psychological and practical perspective. For those struggling to find a job, secure an apartment and get back on their feet, cleanliness impacts their ability to move forward. It’s transformative.

In collaboration with the First Immanuel Lutheran Church (FILC) where Rose Haven provides daily services, we are currently building two new private bathrooms with showers for use by our women and children. We are so grateful to our major sponsor the Bensimon Center, Reimers and Jolivette, St. Pius Women’s Club, and an anonymous donor who are making this dream a reality for our women and children.

The renovated bathrooms/showers will be located in the adjacent FILC Fellowship Hall, currently annexed by Rose Haven. The renovated facility will create 2 private, handicap accessible bathrooms, each with shower, toilet, changing area and sink. Adjacent to the bath/shower rooms will be washer/dryer area, primarily used by staff to maintain linens and to assist women in emergency situations.  Our shower facilities will supply towels, toiletries, hair dryers and hygiene products.

Most women living on the streets have, or are currently experiencing trauma. Rose Haven serves an important role by providing refuge from the streets for women and children, and is the ideal place to address their personal hygiene needs in a hospitable, dignified and safe environment.

Upon completion showers will be open and staffed 16 hrs/wk (4 hours per day for 4 days) in its initial year.  Additional support will be provided each day by volunteers. Guests will be scheduled for 15-minute appointments, with a goal of 3 showers per hour in each room, allowing time for cleaning in between. Women with disabilities or children will be given additional time. Rose Haven’s goal is to have the Shower Program operating for guests in August 2017.

THANK YOU for Helping us win $10,000!

Rose Haven will be awarded $10,000 from Advantis Credit Union for our new shower program! THANK YOU to everyone who voted online to make this possible!

Thanks to everyone who voted Rose Haven won the Advantis Credit Union Grow Grant!