Amy – Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Amy.  She has been facilitating the Yarn Group at Rose Haven since 2009. Her passion is working with women, and she has volunteered at various female resource centers over the years.


“What struck me when I first came to Rose Haven is that we really are a community – we refer to the women as ‘our guests’ and hospitality is a communal living room, not a waiting room. This is a safe space.”

Amy can relate to many of our guests, as she has been living with a disability her whole life. She survived a major surgery which removed her temporal lobe.

“I spent a lot of my life in waiting rooms, and I understand what it is like to be treated like just a  number. The people at Rose Haven care, and it shows. The little things, like having good coffee, are very meaningful and really a sign of respect. It shows that we are worth the extra cost to have nice things”.

In her Yarn Group, the ladies can knit, crochet and and be creative with the yarn supplies in any way they want.  That is why she refers to the group as “yarners”, rather than knitters or crocheters.

“I like moderating the yarners because when your hands get busy it slows your brain down and you are able to talk. I find it mind blowing that we all start with the exact same materials, yet what we each end up with all comes out so different!”

Amy hosts the Yarn Group every Thursday from 10-11:30am. They always needs supplies, like yarn and crochet hooks!

If you are interested in facilitating a group or activity at Rose Haven, please or fill out a volunteer application online!