Strategic Plan

5-Year Strategic Plan

With service numbers growing at 20-25% each year since 2009, Rose Haven reached a pivotal point as an organization in 2013. This inspired Rose Haven to engage in a 360-degree assessment of services, facilities and infrastructure with the goal of building capacity to address current and future needs.

Rose Haven’s first steps included a multifaceted strategic evaluation, professionally facilitated. Strategic planning began in July 2013 and included:

  • SWOT Analysis: In July, the Board reviewed and updated a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis that originated in 2012.
  • Surveys: 183 volunteers, donors, partners and other stakeholders completed an online survey between July and September; 58 guests of Rose Haven completed a survey in September.
  • Focus Groups: Three focus groups were convened between August and
  • September: 1) Guests – 6 participants 2) Volunteers and Donors – 11 participants 3) Community Partners -21 participating agencies.
  • Personal Interviews: 13 telephone interviews with board members, volunteers, and community partners completed between August and September.
  • Strategic Planning Retreat – full board and staff participation in October.

From this feedback the 2014-19 Strategic Plan was developed. The board of directors, staff and leadership continue to develop and execute this plan on an ongoing basis.