Our Impact

our_impactRose Haven operates in a community that is plagued by homelessness.

The latest Point in Time Count survey results (released June 2017) shows the rate of homeless women in Multnomah County has increased 16% since 2015, and the rate of women accessing emergency shelters has doubled. It indicates one of the fastest-growing demographics of homeless people in Multnomah County is those with physical or mental disabilities, jumping 16% since 2015 and now making up 72% of the homeless population. This is no surprise to Rose Haven where demand for our services increased 10% last year, and 326% since 2009.

In 2017 Rose Haven served more women and children than ever before; 3,383 unique women and children collectively visited us 20,389 times for services, supplies, and support.  However, rather than celebrating this accomplishment, we recognize that Rose Haven’s growth is due to the rising rates of poverty and need for our services in the community.

Rose Haven not only helps women with basic necessities on a day-to-day basis but our advocates guide them towards building sustainable lives for themselves. In 2017, we served 20,106 meals, our shop distributed 5,105 hygiene kits, and our advocates held 3,473 one-on-one appointments assisting our guests with housing, job searches and more.

As our guests begin the healing process, the changes in their lives lead to healing in our urban community as a whole.