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Rebecca and Mina  Mahdian

Rebecca and Mina

The image is of Mina and her daughter Rebecca, Rose Haven guests.

Mina came to Rose Haven a few years ago, during a very difficult period in her life. Forced to leave her home due to domestic violence, she and her two young daughters were living in a shelter.  From a there, she was referred to Rose Haven for services.   At Rose Haven, she and the girls were fed, clothed and connected with a Rose Haven advocate. This was the beginning of a new life.

Over the course of the next two years, Rose Haven has helped with clothing, food, energy assistance and community support, as Mina has successfully met challenges of being a single parent and full-time student.  “By helping me provide for my kids, I was able to put myself back together” said Mina. “Through the challenging process of healing, Rose Haven was one of the most trusted places for me to turn to, anytime I was overwhelmed and helpless. Rose Haven not only assists guests with basic daily needs, but also through their individual advocacy and support groups, they make transitioning from being a victim to a strong survivor, easier. “

 Rose Haven wishes to thank Kristina Wright Photography for supplying the “splash” image on the Home page.